Cooling Systems

RED TEK® is a trusted manufacturer of coolant systems that eliminate the need for costly flush kits, clearness, anti-rust additives, and antifreeze. Our engine cooling system treatment is available for both diesel and gasoline engines and provides outstanding corrosion protection in the most demanding environments.


Protect Engines from High Temperatures

Scale build-up, rust, and corrosion lead to overheating, poor engine performance, and engine breakdown.

Eliminate Antifreeze Changes

Not only is antifreeze costly, but it’s also bad for the environment and requires time to change.

Increase Profitability

Without a coolant enhancer, your engine cooling system may not work at 100% efficiency, increasing operational costs, and reducing your bottom line.

RED TEK corrosion inhibitors contain a proprietary, advanced technology additive that restores and dramatically extends the life of radiator coolant and antifreeze. These engine cooling and radiator cooling products are guaranteed to provide superior protection, improve cooling, and eliminate antifreeze changes for good.


RED TEK NeverFlush™

RED TEK NeverFlush™ is a revolutionary antifreeze and coolant system additive that dissolves rust, scale, and oil from your cooling system as you drive.

RED TEK Komplete Kool™

Komplete Kool™ is a revolutionary new cooling system treatment for both diesel and gasoline engines, formulated with a unique blend of long life corrosion inhibitors and iron oxide/scale dispersants.

Our cooling systems are specially engineered to meet the needs of heavy-duty engines in agricultural, heavy-duty trucking, forestry, oil & gas, mining, and marine environments. Contact RED TEK today to reduce service time, lower product costs, and decrease overall fleet maintenance costs.

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