DyeCharge12 – A/C Leak Detection Dye – A/C Leak Test

DyeCharge12™ is a unique detection dye that works synergistically with refrigerants to locate hard to find leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.      


Easy to use, installs in minutes, and finds leaks fast. DyeCharge12 will verify repairs, thus eliminating reworks.      

Lower Cost

A/C leaks can be found and repaired, saving on time-consuming and expensive refrigerant part replacements. DyeCharge12 will reduce downtime and operation costs.


Helps eliminate A/C leaks, reducing refrigerant emissions.


Safe and easy to use, non-toxic, non-clogging. DyeCharge12 poses no serious health or safety risk.  Also, there are no known carcinogens in DyeCharge12.


Compatible with most common refrigeration materials and lubricants including R134a, R12, R502, metal components, mineral and synthetic (PAG, mineral, ester base, and alkylbenzenes) lubricants, seals, gaskets, hoses, compressors, and O-rings.

DyeCharge12 can remain in the system indefinitely and does not harm or affect system components or performance


Brand: RED TEK

Model: Leak Detection Dye

MPN: DyeCharge12

Classification: A/C Additive

UPC/Part Number: 405

Weight: 4 oz. (113g)

Chemistry: HC

EPA Certification Required: No

Require Certification to Purchase: No


Safety Data Sheet

Installation Guide

Packaging Available

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