ECI-10 – Anti-Friction Metal Treatment

RED TEK ECI-10™ is a heavy-duty, premium performance metal conditioning formula recommended for use in lubrication systems where there is a particular concern for extra protection due to high wear and friction-related conditions. An advanced technology additive that increases lubricity and prevents severe lubrication problems in automotive, industrial, and heavy-duty applications.

ECI-10 Advantage

  • Increases equipment performance & efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance & downtime
  • Protects all internal moving parts
  • Reduces heat-related friction
  • Extends life of metal parts
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Lowers operating temperatures

What is ECI-10?

ECI-10 is a new type of advanced technology, antifriction metal treatment. It contains no silicone, graphite, PTFE, or solid lubricants such as moly. It is compatible with all petroleum oils and the vast majority of synthetics on the market today. As opposed to solid-based lubricants, ECI-10 will not build up or change tolerances.

How ECI-10 Works

Metals are made up of metallic carbides (high areas of a metal surface-positive reaction) and base metals (low areas of a metal surface-negative reaction). ECI-10 forces an Electro-Chemical reaction with metallic carbides, which develops an ionic bond with low areas of the metal surface. ECI-10 causes a cation exchange, which changes the polarity of the metal surface to a more positive state. ECI-10 improves the shear strength of the base lubricant, increases oil flow, and increases power by smoothing out metal surfaces.

ECI-10™ Advanced Metal Treatment contains a highly polar molecule that works synergistically with lubricating fluids to increase lubricity. ECI-10 is a heat-seeking fluid which chemically hardens surfaces and laps high points, then electrically smoothes and polarizes metal surfaces.


ECI-10 is a proprietary blended extreme pressure metal treatment. RED TEK ECI-10 can lower operating temperatures up to 50ºF in some applications. RED TEK ECI-10 will not increase oil viscosity or void equipment warranties. Additionally, ECI-10 lubrication is not corrosive and has no adverse effects on operating systems.

Common Anti-Friction Uses

 ECI-10 can be used in engines, transmissions, differentials, hydraulic systems, power steering, and positraction rear axles to reduce wear and extend equipment life. Other uses include:


Hydraulic Systems
Electric Motors
Heavy Equipment


Power Steering
Metal to Metal Parts


Brand: RED TEK

Model: ECI-10


Part Number: 401

Unit Weight: 4oz (113g)

EPA Certification Required: No

Package Info

ECI-10 16 oz

Item No: 706

Unit Weight: 1.25

Case Pack: 12

Case Weight: 13

Case LxWxH: 11x8x8

Pallet Quantity: 75

UPC Code: 819331007066

Pallet Weight (lbs): 1000

ECO-10 1 gallon container

Item No: 707

Unit Weight: 10.25

Case Pack: 4

Case Weight: 36

Case LxWxH: 15x9x12

Pallet Quantity: 50

UPC Code: 819331007073

Pallet Weight (lbs): 1600

ECO-10 5 gal pail

Item No: 708

Unit Weight: 35

Case Pack: 1

Case Weight: 35

Case LxWxH: 16x8x5

Pallet Quantity: 18

UPC Code: 819331007080

Pallet Weight (lbs): 700

ECO-10 55 gallon drum

Item No: 710

Unit Weight: 400

Case Pack: 1

Case Weight: 400

Case LxWxH: 32x32x58

Pallet Quantity: 4

UPC Code: 819331007103

Pallet Weight (lbs): 1600


Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

For additional information on ECI-10 Anti-Friction Metal Treatment, contact your local authorized sales representative.

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